Date 10/05/2011
By Bob
Subject Photos

Very good pictures mate.

Date 01/05/2011
By Nick Clayton
Subject Website

You have taken some cracking shots Ben, nice to see you now have a website to display them, keep up the good work.

Date 27/04/2011
By Doug
Subject website

Looking good mate. Keep 'em coming

Date 24/04/2011
By Zara Stoodley
Subject Came again

Great updates, promised I'd come again

Date 23/04/2011
By Chris Gomersall
Subject Website

Always nice to see a photographer with alot of promise!

Date 11/04/2011
By Mohammed Saíd
Subject New Site

Great web site. Hopefuly I'll come back as and when there's new updates

Date 10/04/2011
By Rod conradie
Subject new site

Well done Ben, keep up the great work.

Date 06/04/2011
By Zara Stoodley
Subject website

Amazing site, makes me want to try harder. Will come again.

Date 20/03/2011
By David Moreton
Subject New site

Great site Ben, excellent images, in particular your flight shots.

Date 19/03/2011
By Andy Weir
Subject New Site

Congratulations on your new site Ben - fantastic photographs keep up the good work.




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