Date 19/03/2011
By John Betts
Subject New Site

Congratulations mate certainly not too shabby, well done

Date 11/03/2011
By Carl Wright
Subject Your Website.

Very nice looking site Ben, superb work as usual, look forward to seeing more of your work on both on this site and on Birdguides. Well done mate!!

Date 10/03/2011
By Steve Wilce
Subject Website

Well done with the new Website Ben.You certainly have plenty of high quality images on here, especially the flight shots. Keep on clicking, i'll be coming back for a visit.

Date 09/03/2011
By Pauline Greenhalgh
Subject New Website

Thanks for your kind comments and I have no trouble returning the compliment - some cracking work here Ben - esp the flight shots - magic! I'm looking forward to popping back to see what you've been up to! Your link now added to my Links No 2 gallery!

Date 05/03/2011
By Nina Conradie
Subject New Website

Very impressed Ben! Sublime photography, love the flight work, look forward to more visits in the future!

Date 05/03/2011
By Jack Booth
Subject Harrold Photography

Excellent site Ben, Brilliant selection of photo's. Keep up the good work!!

Date 04/03/2011
By Allen Harrold
Subject new site

Well done son I am proud of you, P.S. Wheres that tenner you owe me :)

Date 28/02/2011
By Jimmy MacDonald
Subject Brilliant.

Cracking site Ben, excellent images and easy navigation, what more could you want? Well done that man.

Date 27/02/2011
By Richard Bedford
Subject New site

Congratulations Sir Ben!!! You've done it, & it looks great!!

Keep up the brilliant work!

Mr Bradford!!!

Date 24/02/2011
By Paul Riddle
Subject New Site

Superb mate, for sure I will be making frequent visits to see how it develops, and of course to admire your owls images!!!




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