Date 03/12/2011
By ♥ Girl20pretty ♥
Subject ..

Please visit compared to *thanks* ♥ yes this is a free social network chat under ♥

Date 11/10/2011
By Sandra Hayward, Mrs H
Subject website

Great photo's Ben why are you working in a factory, get out there you can make plenty of money with what you can do. Hope your ok hope to see you one day Mrs H xx

Date 14/09/2011
By birdy
Subject updates

Hasn't been many new updates recently. Have you and your "friend" given up or are just not getting out much?

Date 24/09/2011
By Ben Harrold
Subject Re: updates

Hello Birdy, Sorry I have taken so long to respond to your question! I havent given up on photography. I started a new job a couple of months ago and I am working all the time. When I get settled I will be back with loads of new images..

When you say my friend, Which one do you mean?

Date 06/07/2011
By Alan Hayward
Subject Website

Great website mate, quality photo's Ben.
Should start yr own business.

Date 03/07/2011
By Paul Cronin
Subject Photo's

Some very good photo's Ben,looking forward to seeing more like these.

Date 05/06/2011
By Neill Carden
Subject website

Well done Ben, lovely site and some excellent pictures

Date 28/05/2011
By Kate Low
Subject Website

Great site Ben with some great flight shots!

Date 20/05/2011
By Uncle Stefan
Subject Birds

Nice tits

Date 23/05/2011
By Ben Harrold
Subject Uncle Steff

Trust you Uncle Steff to lower the tone :)




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