Date 06/02/2011
By John Peacock
Subject New website

Well done Ben on your new site just keep putting the pictures on mate.

Date 05/02/2011
By thomas hedge
Subject new website

Great site mate cant wait for some more b.o.p shots :D
and its nice to see you putting up some shots other than birds :D

Date 04/02/2011
By Tina harrold
Subject New site

Well done Ben,i feel very proud of you and what you have achieved so far,im your number one fan. Mum ;-)

Date 03/02/2011
By Douglas Mcfarlane
Subject New Site

About time that you got a website mate. Look forward seeing the site develope.

Date 03/02/2011
By Mr stewart
Subject Ne site

Good web site with some very interesting shots.i will be visiting in the future.

Date 27/01/2011
By Phil Manning
Subject New site

Well done on putting your site together! You have a lot of good work and I look forward to seeing both the site and your range of work develop.

Date 07/03/2011
By Ben Harrold
Subject Re: New site

Thanks alot for all the help you have given me over the past few months Phil.. You have been a great friend to me!!




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